Tip Jones, creator of OwnHers and CEO of Tip Jones GlobalOur Vision:

Well-being and economic growth for every Black woman entrepreneur across the globe.

Our Mission:

We strive to be the world's most trustworthy resource for connecting people to Black women entrepreneurs.


Our Code of Ethics:

OwnHers® will be the global disruptor, online and offline, in the Black women entrepreneurial ecosystem. We will maintain the highest ethical standards to protect the privacy of our members while providing reliable resources for their consistent business development. Our business directory will always be free to the public to provide our members with constant visibility. We will meet challenging goals of acceleration by continuously innovating our digital universe, keeping membership fees low, remaining mindful of our environmental impact and guaranteeing work-life integration for our employees.



Tip has been hosting events for nearly three decades. Within the last 10 years or so, she has made a concerted effort to patronize Black women-owned businesses to pull those events off. To date, she has successfully procured 96% of all services and products for her domestic and international retreats, vision board parties, classes, online courses, etc. from Black women entrepreneurs (BWEs).


But there was a problem...


Each time she started the planning, she would need new vendors for one reason or another. Maybe the women-owned company Tip hired previously had moved or sadly, went out of business. So, she would begin texting her colleagues or searching Google and social media for recommendations. What she really needed was one online destination with quick overviews of these businesses (in as many categories as possible) that included video, social media links, short and long descriptions, info on the owners, and customer reviews. 


She thought she found it, but...


Each site Tip came across resembling what she was in search of required a membership fee for customers. The sites were designed as business directories but only accessible by their select groups. Tip needed something fully accessible for the public to leverage. As she continued surfing the Net, she came across a site here, a site there but they had not been updated in years!


An opportunity was knocking...


In 2018, Tip started OwnHers.com, a marketplace for anyone and everyone to locate BWEs they can do business with. She envisioned various industries being included in the directory, from lawn specialists to pediatricians to professional dog-walkers to general contractors and beyond. Within 30 days, she had 100 businesses added! 


But she wasn't done...


Tip also wanted to ensure it was affordable for the business OwnHer® to list her business. She thought of her startup days and how short her shoestring budget was. So, whether the company was a multi-million dollar firm or currently being built from the kitchen table, she intended to settle on a fuss-free fee. As a result, the fee is less than the cost of your Amazon Prime and Netflix membership combined. 


The OwnHers® online directory was created by Tip Jones exclusively "for Black businesses owned by Her."  We welcome you to join this network of OwnHers® and share your capabilities, talents, and the services you love to provide. Let's do this! #ownHers

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