An OwnHers Must-Watch: 'She Did That' Documentary on Netflix

An OwnHers Must-Watch: 'She Did That' Documentary on Netflix

A gumbo of emotions right now, the feeling that reigns supreme within me is one of edification after watching "She Did That" on Netflix

I learned of it a few days ago but couldn't bear watching during my work week. My reasons for this were unclear at the time but it was a gut feeling. I guess I figured I would be motivated and ashamed. Motivated by the message and knowing my purpose on this earth, yet ashamed I hadn't struck the ideal balance between work and entrepreneurship. I'm thankful, even the fact many Black women start their businesses while still working a 9-to-5 was addressed. My inner battle has been my time limitations and inability to strike the proper balance between my God-given job and my God-given business. There's so much I want to do entrepreneurially and professionally. Unfortunately, the business often takes the hit. 

"Patience is more skill than art," I hear the rational side of my mind whisper. 

Fact: God has me on a stylized journey and I'm here for it. That's not to say it's always easy but I'm grateful. Life is good, frfr. She Did That just reminded me of how absolutely capable and frigging amazing I am. Immediately, I wanted to get to work! I wanted to push pass exhaustion, shed my chenille blanket (yeah, I was watching from bed during an almost mid-afternoon nap, that never happened, on a Saturday), grab a bottled water, sit at my computer, and push.

That's precisely what I did and what I'm doing. So, here we are...

The reviews of the documentary that have surfaced, thus far, have been fantastic. It was fact-based, truth-telling, heartfelt and honest. My 8-year old son, E2, came in towards the end and asked, "Mommy, is this about Black entrepreneurs? Can I watch with you?" I nodded affirmatively. He then said, "Mommy, this is about you. You do this. You're a Black woman and an entrepreneur." Tears fell to my cheeks right then which was precisely when Luvvie spoke about her making Oprah's Supersoul 100 List. The corners of my mouth turned up, my teeth peeked through my lips and I thought, "Yasss, honey! You did that!"

"This is about you. You do this. You're a Black woman and an entrepreneur."

This is what I needed to see as a 7-year old third grader. I recall my teacher asking the class, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I answered, "I want to be an obstetrician and an entertainment lawyer. I want to own everything!" She laughed and gave the obligatory and patronizing "that-a-girl" wave off as she asked, "Who's next?" This documentary would have impacted the trajectory of my self-esteem on all types of "watch me work," "catch some of this Black Girl Magic" levels. 

With self-esteem intact these days, the documentary (which I hope becomes a docuseries) catapulted me back to my child-like boldness and fearlessness. It then through me future-forward as I gave my ironclad work ethic a "let's get it" and my future team at Tip Jones Global, a "we've got this".

To sum it up, I was moved. I was emotional. I was charged and energized. It confirmed we are on the right track with, the online directory for Black businesses owned by Her; that a focus on US collaborating and supporting US is important to thousands of US.

Thank you, Renae Bluitt, for this.

If you have yet to watch "She Did That", make time. It's for you. It's a living affirmation of who we are. We are doing things together for the purpose of our collective elevation and baby, it's working!

Let us know what you thought in the comments below, k? 

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