Coleen Otero creates the CEO Chick Network to empower female entrepreneurs

Coleen Otero creates the CEO Chick Network to empower female entrepreneurs

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Source: Coleen Otero
Source: Coleen Otero

If you are a female entrepreneur who has a startup and needs guidance or a veteran who needs support, Coleen Otero and her CEO Chick Network could be the answer you’re looking for.

Otero is a celebrity beauty expert, brand strategist, motivational speaker, and life coach who decided to build the CEO Chick Network as an accessible, affordable, interactive community for entrepreneurs.

She has dedicated her life to coaching her clients on living their best life, both professionally and personally.

Rolling Out spoke with Otero about how she is empowering female entrepreneurs.

What is the CEO Chick Network?

It is a collective of female entrepreneurs, predominantly minority, Black and Hispanics who come together to improve on their business skills. We do tons of education, not just empowerment, but true education, giving them insight into what it takes to run a profitable business. 

We work with women from various backgrounds. Our mantra is to collaborate, create and dominate, and that’s what we aim to do at the network to bring people together to build relationships. Relationships are the number one currency. So we place a high value on how to network, how to build relationships, how to bring something of value to a table. 

What was the inspiration for you behind creating this business?

Before it became popular, I was someone who naturally wanted to find out about how people were making it. Life is hard every day and it cannot be that everyone is just waking up and becoming an overnight success. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life. I started doing hair at the age of 12. Right out of high school. … I went right into booth rent and being responsible for my own marketing. I struggled and I noticed that there was a lack of leadership and mentorship in that space. So that really sparked something in me to look for people that were on this entrepreneurial journey. Organically, it began to take shape to what we see today.  

What are some of the programs or events that you focus on and CEO Chick Network?

We have our annual Dominate event, where we bring women together and dive into various areas of business for them to further understand some of the major things that are plaguing minority women in business. We do our best to bring information to our network and to guests outside the network who want to attend. Workshops are a major portion of what we do. The retreats are awesome and we are able to incorporate more of a wellness approach. We do mental wellness talks. We do pop up in different cities where women can just come together, have fun, meet different people, share their businesses and more.