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A 90 day or 52 week goal planner to keep your goals in clear view and achieve what matters every day with a planner designed for high achievers seeking to get goals done now!
Rochester , New York , United States of America
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92 twin beeches, Rochester , New York 14608 , United States of America
2900 South Gessner , 1505, 77063 , United States of America
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and now known all across the world for her stance on Religious Liberty.
714 due west ave north , K155 , Nashville, Tennessee 37115 , United States of America
627 Brighton Parkway , Apt. 6211, Bloomfield , Connecticut 06005 , United States of America
6432 Worchester Dr, New Orleans, Louisiana 70126 , United States of America
To give a brief synopsis of “Truth Is”, it’s about a woman named “Trina” who is starting to regain her self confidence, taking a hold on her dreams, and finally putting herself first, while fighting demons, secrets, and betrayal from her past.
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